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Our breeding program is under the care of the Club for British Sheepdogs (ÖCBH), which belongs to the ÖKV and the FCI.

Priority in selecting the right breeding stock is their health. Our bitches and the used stud dogs have been tested for the known diseases of Border Collies and have been found free. The character also plays a very important role - will to please as well as that the dogs are pleasing and friendly companions of the family. But also the appearance should be kept in mind.

We have no mass breeding and we focus on the special things. That is the reason why we look for the perfect stud dog all over Europe.

Our goal is to breed versatile and healthy athletes, which are also friendly family members. We breed dogs out of show line but this doesn't mean that they are neither intelligent nor willing to work. Animals from a show line also need regular work just as animals from a working line. So it is very important that the dogs get an active home.

The puppies are raised with my family in our house and garden. So they get to know everyday processes and noises from the start of their life. The puppies are nine weeks old, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and checked by a veterinary at the handover. You receive your puppy with FCI/ÖKV pedigree, the attest of the eye check, the EU pet passport and an info folder.