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13.08.2018 We are happy to announce the new member of our family. The girl of our C-Litter will stay with us. More info to "Rosita" here!
13.08.2018 All of our puppies moved to their new owners. Currently there is no litter planned.
02.07.2018 Suddenly and unexpectedly our beloved Touch by Touch at Real Pearl - "Tammy" left us. She leaves a huge hole in our hearts, but she will live on in her offspring! Tammy, you will never be forgotten!
27.05.2018 Our Litter C arrived! More info here!
26.04.2018 Chelseas pregnancy has been confirmed. We expect our C litter at the end of May!
26.02.2018 Today we had to say goodbye to our beloved Nicky (And So What About Crystal-Clear). She was the first born puppy in our kennel and we went through hard times with her, even from her first days on. She was our special one, our "Zessin" and found her perfect home with our friends only a few meters from us. In January she has been diagnosed with cancer. It was all downhill from there. But also she had some good moments in this short time. On Friday Nicky had a last play with her sister Chelsea and her mommy Tammy. They were playing the same as it ever was. Chelsea had fun with the toy, Nicky was totally focused on Chelsea and Tammy was just running around them barking as loud as she could. It was so good to see that last play. Today she lost her fight against the Lymphoma, it was too aggressive to have a real chance. In the morning Nicky died peacefully in the arms of her owner. Run free, little soul... Till we meet again...
24.12.2017 We wish all of you Merry Christmas and a successful year 2018!
21.09.2017 We won! Chelsea did it, she is the cover model of the Frostfutter Perleberg calendar and won a box full of food! Yummy!
02.09.2017 We had a litter event of the B's. Only And So What Bloody Diamond was missing.
03.08.2017 And So What About Crystal Eclipse - "Chelsea" is making advertisement for 3TV!