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Schellgasse 18
7142 Illmitz

Owner: Karina Freingruber
Designer: Karina Freingruber
Disclosure § 25 MedienG: Owner and Publisher: Karina Freingruber
Basic Direction: This website is an independent information source. The goal is to inform the population about the happenings in the kennel "And So What".
Copyright: All text, graphics and images are protected by copyright and the use is only with permission of the creator (Karina Freingruber) allowed.
Links: Links on this site - and on the sides in the depth - are welcome. Taking over the main window in a frame-set of the link is not permitted.
Links to other sites are only pointers to these pages, that's the reason why they are opened in a seperate browser window. The publisher does not identify with the content of the sites linked to and assumes no liability, it is pointedly to link to sites where other opinions are represented in order to provide the reader a broad spectrum. If one of the sites linked to contain questionable or illegal content, please inform us in such a case, the link will be deleted immediately.