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Our puppies (3 dogs, 3 bitches) were born on the 19th of June 2021!
See the pics here!

Sire Dam
Forestry Farm Teddy-Bear - "Teddy" And So What Cosmic Infinity - "Rosita"
05.04.2008 27.05.2018
black/white black/white
HD B, ED 0/0 HD A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0
CAT, PRA, Glaucoma clear (2016) CAT, PRA, Glaucoma clear (2020)
CEA, MDR1, TNS - DNA normal CEA, DM, IGS, MDR1, MH, NCL-5, RS, SN, TNS - DNA normal
GG - DNA normal GG - DNA carrier
recommended for breeding (2003) recommended for breeding (2021)

Nr. 1
Nr. 2
Nr. 3
Nr. 4
Nr. 5
Nr. 6

Our beautiful Rosita is a very clever and playful girl. She loves to discover new areas in nature and is always retrievable and looking for the contact to her human companion. Not only the physical, but also the psychical work is what she claims for. She is always willing to learn something new. At the dog training field (Obedience) she is well-behaved and cooperative anytime.

After the death of her mother Chelsea, Rosi developed to be solitary. Rosi is not quite interested in other dogs and is not looking for trouble. But she loves the few friends she has.

Despite of her agile and alert character Rosita is very cuddly and can be chilling at home for about a week, if there is no other way. But she likes best being along for the ride.

Her caring nature appeared when she lovingly raised the four kitten we found. And just as easily she will handle her next big step, her first litter. We are really looking forward to that beautiful time with her!